“Funding for Survival Human Rights

for the Purchase of COVID-19 Quarantine Products”



□Eligible Applicant  : Those who own more than 1 CoV  in either market or MOBICOINS WALLET

□Amount of Support  : Payment acknowledgement as $ 10~ (USD) per 1CoV 

□Payment Condition  :  50% of the total amount should be paid with USDT and the rest with CoV

(USDT can be exchanged with HRO, which is charged simultaneously with  KRW deposit in MobiCoins Wallet)

□Application Period  : July 1, 2021 (4:00 p.m.) ~ July 31, 2020 (4:00 p.m.)

□ Corresponding Products :  appearing on the home page of MobiCoins Wallet                                   

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This project is in accordance with the COVID-19 Care Fund reported to the UN Human Rights Council, and we will strive to become a civil society that guarantees survival human rights together with the affiliated organizations.


Guide on how to use COVToken:

 Download MobiCoins Wallet from Google Play or Apple Store, then buy COVToken

A painless mass treatment has been confirmed according to CNN Indonesia. Watch Video.

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In the case of other products, they presented 99.9% sterilization test result under 3cm² test conditions for 12 hours or longer. Meanwhile, this technology has shown a 99.9% sterilization level under 50cm² test conditions only within 3 minutes, thus is unrivaled for its quality among the other products in the market. it has been received CE and ISO certifications this year.

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According to the product status in Naver, HydroFreshfoodmall, Narae Energy, Ju-one shop, Powers, jKmall are being sold in Auction, 11th Avenue, G Market, and etc.

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