Version 2.0  |  2020-10-01


  • COVID-19 Care Token is released when payment of 100 products is possible.

  • COVID-19 Care Token is released when it is possible to make payment 50% or more price of products

  • COVID-19 Care Token is released after listing on an exchange with more than 100,000 users.

  • COVID-19 Care Token is provided as a reward that has value to product buyers.

  • COVID-19 Care Token provides users with a platform that recognizes its value upon listing.

  • COVID-19 Care Token entrusts 50% of its total issuance to GBFC’s asset management and provides a certain portion of profits.

  • COVID-19 Care Token is a token of ‘Survival Human Right’ that guarantees the universal benefit of emergency medical care.

  • COVID-19 Care Token is a token issued with the reciprocity spirit of MobiDollar designer.

  • COVID-19 Care Token is a token that supports the achievement of the goals of the UN Agenda 2030.

  • COVID-19 Care Token is issued by an individual and is operated in accordance with ISEA Foundation's policies.

The basic structure of COVID-19 Care Token is not that any individual or company generates profits by simply selling the token. COVID-19 Care Token returns a portion of profit to its users when profit is generated through the sale of goods. And, because users can use the token rewarded to purchase other products, the value of the token can be preserved.

In addition, if a user purchases COVID-19 Care Token on a listed exchange and uses it as a payment method, the benefits will be fully returned to the user. Regardless of the price of tokens on an exchange, buyers can experience certain benefits when purchasing products. Also, depending on the value of products that can be purchased with COVID-19 Care Token, the value of tokens on the exchange may also rise sharply.

Therefore, users can receive even greater benefits by finding quarantine products and eco-friendly necessities essential for life.